7 uncommon yet striking advices for 2016 (including further reading!)

Looking for not so common advice on how to make a difference this year? Read this post, it offers advice from other experts and one of myself. Get inspired by the further reading!

I have to be honest, this post started out as one about making 2016 a successful year based on my own knowledge and opinion. But I've found numerous posts on this topic around the net! Duh. And obviously, I wanted to share something completely different with you and that's why I've decided to take a different approach. And also, I believe there is already some great content out there which needs to be put in the spotlight.

So here we go, a handful of good advices for a stellar 2016 including the links to further reading and inspiration.

Enjoy! And apply.

Be ON or OFF completely, no mixing

Sometimes you just have these days you are pushing around paper at your office, and not actually doing anything. And then when you get home and sit on the coach and binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix, you have a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction which tells you should be doing the laundry. Or perhaps you're a solo-preneur and have an offday and then when your weekend kicks in you get a feeling you need to get stuff done. Tim Ferriss says you need to keep work and private (relaxation) strictly separated. Otherwise you will end up feeling miserably unproductive the entire time. Check the post out here.

Hustle your ass off & be patient

If you have plans to do something BIG this year, don't expect things to happen overnight. People who give you the idea that success has happened overnight for them are either lying or they are super outliers. I'd put my money on the first one. If you want to get something off the ground you need to go all in and have the patience to let it grow (on you). Success rarely happens overnight. And you have to put in the hustle to get it done too. If you have ever read something from Gary Vaynerchuck, you know he loves the word hustle. He even says it's the most important word. This movie is quite motivating, Gary V. in itself is an interesting figure to follow!!

Resist absentminded busyness

On the Brainpickings blog by Maria Popova I've stumbled upon this post on resolution inspired by great minds and it really sparked my brain. This entire post is definitely worth a read, especially if you need some inspiration to add to your reading list. The most striking of these advices is to resist absentminded busyness, brought to you by Søren Kierkegaard. What it boils down to is that we are sometimes so busy with being unhappy that we forget to be present. Especially in this time where everything seems within reach this feeling can crawl up on us. Be present. Be happy and be conscious in 2016. Before you know the moment is gone. Check this awesome post here.

Stop searching and start doing

You might be waiting for the stars to align. For the perfect thing to cross your path. For your boss to offer you that new job you're silently waiting for and working you ass of to get. Maybe you're searching for your next thing to  "do" in life. Hobby? Job? Partner? Moving houses? It's all tough decisions, or not. You need to cut cords in 2016, and instead of wondering, searching and having a big case sehsucht (link) you have to "just" start doing. Choose that next hobby, subscribe for that class knitting for men or urban photography or apply for that role of your dreams. You need to start doing this year, that's the only way of finding your way.

Kill perfection, embrace done

Perfection is the killer of a lot of stuff. Unfinished homes, unfinished business, finished blogposts which are not posted. We are afraid that it's not perfect. Launch now. But you know what? Nothing is complete on the first get-go. You have the opportunity to revise and re-do, and you won't be killed for trying, at least not that I know of. You have to accept that everything is a draft until it's complete. Getting things done is the engine of doing more things. Start finishing now. Or are you afraid of the feeling of being done with something? For further inspiration read the Cult of Done Manifesto here.

Accept life's unease

One more from Maria's post is one I've loosely distilled from a couple of them together. Because we don't always know where life is headed, and the thing we strive is out of our reach if we even know what we are aiming for. Instead of fighting against that feeling we should accept that that's just the case in life. We don't know where it's headed. But that might be amplified to disproportionate sizes, if you don't take control of the aspects of life which are within your circle of control. So a work of caution: put in the work to change what you want and can, and don't worry to much about the rest.

Relax and enjoy life

Here's one of myself. Relax. Sit back. Read a book. Switch off the television. Take the time to play with your kids. Take the time to enjoy life and the things that really matter. Family, friends and loved ones. Walk outside.

Happy 2016. Make it count!



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