Hi I'm Arnoud Visser, and I'm an intrapreneur who thrives on helping people reach their full potential on the job.

Here's how I can help

There's more to your career than showing up each day at work and doing what is asked of you. I believe that even though you have the feeling you're trading in time for money you can still make a difference.
arnoud visser
Dressed up, just for you.
I'm convinced that with the right ideas, mindset and approach you can offer your employer something great and act as agent of change. And push your limits, learn a hell of a lot and have fun while doing it. That's what I call intrapreneurship.
Taking the path of intrapreneurship means you have to your act together on all kinds of levels. My website is geared to be a resource for those cubicle warriors who want to understand what it takes to become an intrapreneur within the organization in which they work. Whether you're just getting started within your career, have a 30+ year trackrecord or are somewhere in between you will find tips and tricks here.  
Have you ever found yourself asking:
  • I've a wonderful idea for my company. But how do I get this across?
  • Where can I get some coaching on intrapreneurship?
  • What traits to do I need to develop to become an intrapreneur?
  • How do I find the right tools to help me build my plans?
  • Who do I need to get on board to get my plans on the radar?
  • How can I build a proper business case for my plans?
  • How do I build my intrapreneurship strategy?
  • What if I get the green light? What do I do then?
This is the kind of questions which will be answered right here. So think of this website as some kind of a laboratory or a workshop where you'll learn things you can do right now to get on the path of intrapreneurship.

About me

I'm originally from Breda, in the south of the beautifully flat country called the Netherlands. Now I live together with my girlfriend and three kids just outside of the great city of Amsterdam (we outgrew our home). Sounds cliché but I'm one of those family first kind of guys. They're my everything.
I'm always doing something, trying to evade the couch which kills my activity level. I love to do stuff in around my home (still not finished), read a good book and spend time building this blog and have quality time with my family.     
I graduated from Stenden University with a Bachelor in Hospitality. I didn't do much with that diploma unfortunately. In a split second I decided I wanted to work when other people do too, and that's the moment I was recruited to work for Dell and rolled into the corporate IT business. I learned a lot about sales, team work, the corporate culture and the pro's and con's of working in a massive organization. 


Employer: OnGuard

I am employed by OnGuard, and we make stellar software for Accounts Receivable. I started here 4 years ago, in sales. When stumbled upon the concept of sales development / lead generation I felt an itch. Is this something we need to devote resources to? Make it easier for the company to reach it's financial objectives by filling the top of the pipeline with new business. 
Fast forward to now and have a team of three, and together we drive the top of the funnel through outbound and inbound activity. The journey to get there is what has made me start this website. I want to share my intrepreneurial journey with you, so you can learn from and implement the ideas and templates into your own role, so you become a better employee and get more satisfaction out of your job.

Other project I'm working on the fall & winter of 2016:

  • Building, writing content and building audience
  • Write a book on intrapreneurship
  • Read one book each month (currently reading The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle)