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5 signs you are a natural born intrapreneur

The moment you realize you have a knack for intrapreneurship doesn't always happen overnight, and perhaps it's not obvious to you just yet. Do you have the symptoms?

You have the feeling you're a little stuck. Why? Because you have an idea. You're on to something. Something major. For you, for your employer. You've found a loophole, an opportunity you should go after. A problem you can solve. An innovation your company should dive into. You might just be having a case of intrapreneurship. Can you see the signs?

You've found a missing piece
It might be in your head for a while or it came up in a whim, you have found something which might just be a big help to your company. A new product line it should develop. A completely different of way of solving a challenge which hasn't been used yet. A new market you should dive into. You've ran some numbers, did your (back of a napkin) business case and it might just be feasible!

Plateaus suck!
Your comfortzone is getting too comfortable to you. Plateaus can be overcome in different ways. You want to overcome this plateau by stepping out of that comfortzone and showing your employer and yourself that you have something to add to the organization, something which will benefit more people then just yourself. Putting yourself out there with a bright, new and refreshing idea is a good next step.

The status quo makes you crazy
The allergic reaction you get when people around you say: "but that's the way we have always done things". You are not that kind of person, you hate when things are just the way they've always been for no apparent reason. You look beyond the obvious and see hidden, future or intrinsic opportunities where other people's line of sight stops.

You swim against the tide
You have a natural instinct to swim against the currents. You feel best at moments when other people don't. When they cross lines they might just shouldn't and take bold risks. Perhaps you have had past examples of these moments earlier in your career where you've did the same thing. How did that make you feel? Did you feel like you were on the edge of your seat? Did you feel positively challenged (by your own doing)?

You are loyal
You might not have considered this before, but you are loyal towards your employer. You are willing to go the extra mile for them and raise your head above the parapet. You are focused on their success with your efforts. You have the higher goal and holistic view in mind. This makes you an incredibly valuable asset to your organization between your colleagues just "do their job" and head back off home.

So do you have the symptoms? Do you believe you have the foundation to become an intrapreneur? Are you ready to stretch yourself into new areas, stick up your hand and say: "we can do that in a different way!"? I love you.


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